The Street King


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Tate Drawdy A dead priest...and a girl

Amid the engravings of the evangelists, the stained glass, the marble, the serenity of Savannah's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist... two naked bodies. One of the victims is a priest; the other, a teenage girl.

And now John Robert Griffin, a savage killer, wants to help Tate Drawdy solve the crime. That way, there will be more of Drawdy left for him.

Drawdy must survive a terrifying encounter with the priest's killer in time to face Griffin. But something's wrong. Drawdy's beginning to suspect someone else out there wants him dead. And he's starting to make mistakes.

Alfredo's LuckA simple murder

Miami detective Tate Drawdy's girlfriend won't marry him. His boss can't stand him. And the hottest Cuban in the city has just been murdered on his watch. Drawdy's about to discover the victim was the wrong man. A case of mistaken identity?

He's going to find out. But first, a horrifying clash with an escaped con. And, ain't this a thrill? He's beginning to suspect the guy he's trying to protect is running some sort of expat conspiracy.

Drawdy's a rich kid who dropped out of med school to become a cop. He's aggressive, impetuous. And his obsession with this case is about to get him killed.

Tales from the Morgue I'm about to get stomped

I had just stepped into the barn to look. Pitch black, couldn't see a thing. Took forever for my eyes to adjust. But when I realized I was surrounded, completely… by elephants... I knew.
This is either very cool, or seriously uncool.

"Tales from the Morgue" is a little book of things that happened during a career in newspapers. Crazy, different things. Some uplifting. Some tragic. Great stories. And great stories behind them, too.