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There's a lot to love about Michael Ludden's gritty (or gritsy, in the case of "The Street King") detective stories. The lovable, loathable characters. The pace, the tension, all the things. But the best part is realizing halfway through that there's a dumb half-smile permanently pasted across your face. You read the words, but you feel the twinkle in the eye. It feels good.

… John Archibald, Pulitzer Prize 2018; Pulitzer Prize, 2023. Author of "Shaking the Gates of Hell"

Life is short. And it's about to get a lot shorter for a pack of high-life Savannah sex club swells, a crooked DA, a bent cop, a cold-eyed black ops killer and a merciless millionaire with a dirt-poor secret. Why? They've backed SPD Detective Tate Drawdy into a corner with a trumped-up murder charge, threatened his family and friends, killed his neighbor and given him a powerful motive for remorseless revenge. Big mistake. Big thrill for readers of Michael Ludden's latest action-packed Drawdy adventure, "The Street King".

… Jim Nesbitt, author of the Ed Earl Burch series

This Savannah, Georgia police procedural delivers a compelling plot and an unlikely duo of cops who will steal your attention and (possibly) your heart. The urgent and artfully spare writing style really sets "The Street King" apart from the usual police novel. Plenty of suspense and action means you become attached to the unfolding story very swiftly, barely able to catch a breath before the next chapter has you desperately flipping pages.

The relentless pace delivers a white-knuckle finale, too. In short, you won't be able to put down this action-filled police procedural.

… Carmen Amato, author of the Detective Emilia Cruz series

An especially vivid story of intrigue, discovery... and relationships that moves beyond the usual whodunit murder mystery genre ... "The Street King" resonates at high frequency and proves impossible to put down.

… Midwest Book Review

A sizzling new thriller… Georgia author Michael Ludden continues his popular Tate Drawdy mystery novels, of which THE STREET KING is the third installment. Now a favorite character, Tate Drawdy is a singular detective whose skills for his craft are polished – but human…a factor that makes his character more credible and relatable. Said before, Michael Ludden has created characters that likely will live in your memory for a long time. Up there with the big guys, Michael is a refreshing talent.

… Grady's reviews