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A Well-Written, Exciting, Cerebral Thriller …from an Amazon top reviewer

This lively thriller has its share of twists and turns, as well as many only-in-Florida moments. Ludden serves up an eccentric cast of characters and some Sunshine State backdrops you probably haven't seen before. Have fun, and don't forget the sunscreen!! …posted on Barnes & Noble

It’s a fine but rare thing to find a writer who’s capable of spinning out a winning, fast-paced thriller with an intricate plot and a baker’s dozen of well-defined characters without leaving the reader in the dust, dazed and confused. Rarer still to find an author who also tells his tale with a well-tuned sense of place, deftly delivered like just the right amount of spice, adding a dash of taste and texture to the story without overpowering it.…posted on Facebook

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It started strong and never let up. The action was fast and furious, but with enough character development to give time to feel like I was getting to know the people. The plot was solid but with significant twists and turns to keep it very entertaining and enjoyable. I recommend the book and I personally look forward, hopefully, to the next one. For those that have enjoyed the Jack Reacher series, you will also feel right at home with Alfredo's Luck. Enjoy! …posted on Amazon

A great editor turned into, perhaps, an even greater writer. Absolutely love his first novel. A page-turner that keeps the mind working with twists and turns and enough drama and complex characters to challenge the best of the crime genre. …posted on Linkedin

MICHAEL LUDDEN'S suspense grabs you with layers of possibilities. The perps, the victims and the cops are proliferating like weeds. You won't solve it, most likely, but keep your eye on Tate as he puts investigative instinct to work while risking his all. …posted on Amazon

I found Alfredo's Luck captivating from the very first page. As each chapter finished I was compelled to begin the next; until before I knew it - it was over. And I was like, "Whew, what a ride! Let's go again."


Ludden had to acquaint the reader with plenty of characters and sub-plots that at first did not seem to have relationships with each other. But in short order everything and everyone begins to coalesce into one complete and satisfying story, leaving just enough unknowns along the way to make you willingly ride along just to see what's around the next bend.


In the real world you would find the same kind of inter-play between characters, places, and events. Many writers that try to portray such a complex drama end up cutting out essential pieces and dumbing down the remaining, only to end up telling a one note story. Then they slap in a bunch of unrealistic violence and foul language just to make it interesting. Ludden refused and instead of a one note hatchet job - he hit chord after chord …posted on Amazon

Fast paced with plenty of twists and turns. Loved it! …posted on Barnes & Noble

Michael Ludden's recent contribution to the crime/detective genre is an undiluted pleasure. The pacing is fast, the language spare and the action taut as the E string on a vintage Les Paul. Ludden handles the geography like a local and the cop stuff like a veteran reporter, inured to the thin veneer of humanity so easily shed by the worst of the worst. We are transported into a place where the bad guys are made powerful by the fact that for them, nothing is unthinkable. The regular good guys are well-meaning but resigned to be forever outgunned, outlawyered, and outbudgeted. Between them is the Tate Drawdy character, a complex amalgam of instinctive, relentless hunter and administrative and social misfit. His motives are semi-pure but his methods are jarringly karmic. While Mr Ludden doesn't break much new literary ground, his skillful manipulation of both the genre and his many characters leaves us hugely satisfied and awaiting the next installment of this entertaining series. …posted on Amazon

Fast- moving and action-packed with snappy dialogue from a cast of highly entertaining characters. Good fun! I recommend it and look forward to the next Tate Drawdy thriller. …posted on Amazon

I have a friend with whom I have been swapping reading recommendations for years. He turned me on to James Lee Burke a long time ago. I got him to try Robert Crais. We both like really cool characters with "implications" of more to be discovered, stories that move, preferably to something happening that was worth waiting for, with a good trip on the way there. We really like it when, every year or two, one of us finds a story that you can't wait to get back to and wish it weren't over when you finish reading. You know, the "I hope he writes some more" book. Judging from Alfredo's Luck, I think Ludden is the next writer I am going to recommend to my friend. Ludden has a casually tough-guy writing touch that makes you feel like he's telling you what's important while knowing that you're smart enough to get it... kind of on the Mickey Spillane side of John Sanford. In this book he's telling a story in the environment of a Florida that John D. McDonald would appreciate as much as Carl Hiaasen for the unpredictable darkness that survives in the sunshine. Tate Drawdy is a great creation who has a future among my favorite fictional cops and sleuths if the author keeps writing. Let's hope so. I'll be one of those who talks a few years from now about how I discovered Michael Ludden. Sure glad I found this book. …posted on Barnes & Noble

P. D. James said that "The classical detective story affirms our belief that we live in a rational and generally benevolent universe." In his fast-paced and darkly lucid rendering of Tate Drawdy, Ludden's sensitivity to both the psychologically light and dark would instead have us affirm our suspicions that the world is unpredictable, enigmatic, full of shock and awe and that we spend a great deal of our time avoiding those perceptions. Unlike James' Adam Dalgliesh, Drawdy is unconventional in his sophistication, bent and broken, sly and creative, with motives pouring from a half-conscious passive-aggression that drives him with reckless ambition. Ludden has an eye for detail, a good thing, since clue-making demands attention to the detail of everyday life. His writing is firm with a sensitive but unsentimental appreciation for the weaknesses inherent in the human soul. Particularly enjoyed Ludden's rendering of Dawdry's human qualities, and how they pair unexpectedly well with his animal nature. Truly satisfying and engaging from beginning to end. …posted on Barnes & Noble

A well written tale of honor, loyalty, impossible dreams and ultimate betrayal. Riveting, fast paced story with characters you'll love and characters you'll hate. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. I am so looking forward to Tate Drawdy's next adventure. …posted on Amazon

"Alfredo's Luck" is a remarkable debut novel from journalist Michael Ludden. It is fully formed, features sharply-drawn characters, an intricate plot, and keen observation. Fans of Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Carl Hiaasen will find much to like. The believably-complex crime elements (Connelly), the stoic protagonist and declaratory style of storytelling (Child), and the personalities of Florida's citizens and locations (Hiaasen) coalesce with an authenticity that is refreshing and compelling.


A prison break involving a sociopath, a clever career criminal, and a dimwitted accomplice collides with the worlds of a multi-millionaire who loathes Cuba's Castro brothers, a veteran detective of legendary doggedness, a fishing-boat captain whose police background complicates his plans for a life of leisure, and two strong female characters who surprise in unexpected ways.


"Alfredo's Luck" lets you taste Florida's high life and street life, serves up both shocking violence and tender compassion, and weaves in enough detail about cars, weapons, and the machinations of crime and punishment to make for an engrossing and gratifying read.… posted on Amazon

How many ways can a detective novel be ruined? Mike Ludden avoids them all in this delightful romp around Miami. His characters are easy to relate to and the story line keeps the pages (or virtual pages) turning. Can't wait for the next one.… posted on Amazon