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... a genuine flair for narrative driven storytelling and a master of the mystery genre, Exceptionally well written and replete with unexpected twists and turns, "Tate Drawdy" is unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Mystery/Suspense collections. …Midwest Book Review

Michael Ludden has created a character that likely will make his way to the screen. Up there with the big guys, Michael is a refreshing discovery. …San Francisco Review of Books

Reading Tate Drawdy is like following someone at a fast pace and feeling a rush of anticipation to discover where you’re going. Michael Ludden’s narration is lean and crisp, leaving out words that hide unsaid in the sentence. At the same time the dialog rings so authentic that you think you’re witnessing a conversation. All of this is set amidst wonderfully descriptive settings: the beauty of Savannah, the raw brutality of a horrific murder scene, the gritty office of a homicide detective. But Tate Drawdy is not your typical cop seen on the nightly news. He’s a little bit James Bond, a little bit Serpico. If you like a good crime story, memorable characters that are fresh, and writing that keeps you turning pages, read this book. …Michael K. Brown, 2015 Georgia Author of the Year, Literary Fiction

I liked Tate Drawdy, the eponymous main character, because he’s so, well, normal. His youth and fitness reminded me of Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone, but without the unhealthy obsessions. His family wealth reminded me of W.E.B. Griffin’s Badge of Honor series set in Philadelphia, but Tate doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder. Unlike so many police characters, Tate isn’t a drunk, an addict, a hound dog with women, or morosely past his prime.

Instead, Tate is a smart, savvy, resilient, and... his sense of duty provides often thrilling edge-of-your-seat moments in the book. …Carmen Amato, author of the Emilia Cruz novels

A rollicking tale with plenty of gunplay, suspense, ribald banter and plot twists that brings you to the final chapter way too soon. …Jim Nesbitt, author of the Ed Earl Burch novels

Beyond that compelling plot and the delight of working to stay ahead of the writing by solving these mysteries on your own is the author's ability to set the scenes with such wonderful detail. He puts you in the scene, so much so that you can feel the tension, see the rooms, the crooked, broken walkways, the gracious old homes and then share the fear of knowing that gunshots, a knife or a brutal assault lurk at the edge. …posted on Amazon

A great Southern Crime Thriller that goes through a lot of beers, bandages and bad guys. Who did it is never too much in doubt, but how and why they did it will keep you turning the pages. I really enjoyed the ride. …posted on Amazon

(Ludden’s) writing is elegant and visceral at once. Fortunately for us there are more Tate Drawdy books on the way. Michael Ludden has created a character that likely will make his way to the screen. Up there with the big guys, (Ludden) is a refreshing discovery. …posted on Amazon

The man knows psychology, food, clothing, architecture, cars, police workings, libations, and so much more, and (Ludden) discloses his knowledge in fascinating and minute detail! I love books built around good relationships and clever solutions to daunting dilemmas, and (he) does not disappoint on either count. …posted on Amazon

Michael Ludden’s second foray into the crime fiction world currently dominated by authors such as Michael Connelly, James Ellroy, and Harlan Coben, is as satisfying as his first (“Alfredo’s Luck”), but is enhanced by a more sharply-drawn protagonist, and believably-evil miscreants… Ludden’s convincing cast, supple plot, and tight action comprise a highly satisfying read. And the aforementioned gimlet-eyed descriptions of facial features; the streets, buildings, flora, and humidity of Savannah; and even how long it might take someone to dust an intricate chandelier will make you grin at the cleverness of it all. …posted on Amazon

I can always measure a book by how much I do not want to put it down. If I get to beddy-bye time and say "egh, 15 more minutes reading", then I know that I like the book. Mr Ludden passes that test big time. He has cost me sleep, lots. …posted on Amazon